Looking ahead, what are your expectations for global stock prices in 2017?
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Perception Problems: Survey Reveals Blind Spots Among Investors of All Ages

When it comes to saving for retirement, perceptions are just as important as reality. Decisions based on inaccurate information can be costly – both for younger generations who could see the impact compound over time and for older generations who have less time to make up for losses.

A survey commissioned by American Funds from Capital Group revealed that investors of all ages aren’t fully aware of the fact that index funds offer no protection from market drops. Although the majority of the 1,200 investors surveyed said they consider protecting against market declines a key priority, only 54% said they were aware index funds exposed them to full market downturns.

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Big Ideas

2016 Year in Review: Markets Rallied in the Face of Uncertainty

If the old adage is true that markets climb a wall of worry, then 2016 may go down in history as the poster child for drama-fueled gains.

Throughout the year, the prevailing headlines reflected turmoil in all corners of the globe. From China’s slowing economy, to an existential crisis in the European Union, to a bitter and fractious U.S. presidential election, there was virtually nowhere to hide from economic and political upheaval.

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With the Fed Meeting Behind Us, Where Will Rates Go Next?

As widely expected, the Federal Reserve raised its policy rate at its December 14 meeting. The 25-basis-point increase was the first in a year, and only the second since 2006. As shown in the “dot plot,” Fed officials are now anticipating three rate hikes in 2017, with future projections slightly higher compared to the previous release in September. Despite the rate increase, long-term rates are unlikely to move significantly higher as global growth remains sluggish.

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